Are you jumping to automation too quickly?

Sometimes we’re too quick to jump to automation.

So many (especially small) marketing teams overlook opportunities by trying to automate as quickly as possible. The conventional wisdom seems to be that the best way to grow in b2b is to do cold outreach to hundreds (or thousands) of people and hope a few come in.

The fallacy in this (to me) is it overlooks the tremendous advantage that small teams have – because they’re small, they can make more meaningful connections.

Why automate when you don’t have to? Is it better to automate 100 cold emails or thoroughly research and try to connect with 10 people? Maybe you don’t need that fancy scheduling technology and instead could get a better result with a few handwritten letters.

The personal touch is rare and therefore special. If your team is lean and you want a leg up on the competition, don’t overlook the opportunity to do what they won’t.

After all, how many automated messages are in your Linkedin inbox? How many handwritten letters are at your desk?

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