The 4 Worst Things About Nashville (an Ego check)

The truth is I love Nashville. I’ve spent the majority of my life here and most of my friends still live in this area, but recently the city’s been getting a lot of press for being one of those great up and coming places and I just wanted to take a minute to remind everyone of the things this city is terrible at. The last thing I want is for music city to get too big for its britches (I will be forever shamed for that terrible, terrible pun). Call me the humble brigade. Call me a cynic. Just don’t call me a hater.



The funny thing about Broadway is that most visitors see the strip and immediately feel like they’ve experienced some good ole fashioned Nashville fun, but the truth is it was made for tourists. It’s a loud (LOOUUUDDDD!!!!!!), excessive (SHOTS! COUNTRY MUSIC! SHOTS!), drink till you can’t stand kind of scene that most Nashvillians avoid like the plague (except for that one day a year when we forget our inhibitions). 


The “Country Music” Misconception 

Yes, Nashville is famous for country music. Yes, there is some really great country music here. NO, we don’t wear cowboy boots or studded suede cowboy hats on the regular. If you want to know what it’s like to be collectively spurned by a city, buy yourself one of those pink cowboy hats and some snakeskin boots and talk in your best Johnny Cash impression while square dancing through the city. Good luck. 


The “Nashville” Apathy 

I think this one surprises a lot of people. Nashville is, as previously stated, a really cool city in that there are musicians, artists, writers, and crappy bloggers (exhibit A being the one you’re currently reading) everywhere. But something about putting all those creative people into one city makes people incredibly apathetic towards—well everything. 

Believe it or not, Nashville is one of the hardest places in the world to sell concert tickets. More often than not, people just don’t care. They would take time to listen to your music, but the thing is they’re too busy recording their EP and they don’t have any money for concerts—they spend it all at Crema, Frothy Monkey, and Bongo Java (those words are names of coffee shops). Speaking of which, coffee may be the one thing no one in this city is apathetic about. 

The 15 Minute Phenomenon 

In Nashville, you are perpetually 15 minutes from everything. Compared to a New York or Boston, I’m sure this is really cool and totally convenient. But for a city of its size, Nashville is comprised of a multitude of pocket neighborhoods. There is no such thing as walking between them. Going to dinner in East Nashville, a movie in Green Hills, and post movie coffee in 12 South will end up being about 45 minutes of driving. 

So there they are. I have now done my civic duty to collectively ego check a pretty cool city with some pretty great people. I don’t always love you music city, but I never ever hate you. Anyone want to jump to music city's defense? Did I miss anything?