Taking My Talents to the People

Part 1: The Blog and I

I have a back and forth relationship with blogging and I have for several years. At one point in time I had about a hundred regular readers and it seemed like the blog was only getting more traffic. Friends of friends were stopping me around campus and talking to me about posts I had written and how much they agreed (or not) with what I’d written.

One of my first ideas was a series of articles I wrote called “Don’t Be That Guy.” First I wrote about a bold guitar player in the middle of campus, then iphone users, and so on and so forth.

Anyways, all of that was well and good until I realized that the posts that really generated traffic were the deeply personal ones. Looking back now, it’s pretty easy for me to see that I was producing 2 things: 1. Really honest, well thought out content and 2. Filler articles.

The problem was that I’ve always wanted to be a published author and I just wasn’t comfortable “giving away” all my best writing. So I stopped blogging.

So I took sometime to write out of the perspective of the public eye and I came up with a couple (not a ton, but a couple) pieces I really enjoy.


Part 2: The Direct to Consumer World 

There’s a website called Social Blade where you can look up the estimated revenue from Youtubers and the money they make off ad revenue on their channels. Go look up how much the top end users make and try not to hate yourself.

So I realized recently, that’s there’s really no point in me holding out my “best writings” for a publishing deal that may or may not ever materialize. The digital world has, in many ways, eliminated the need for gatekeepers.

Why would I work my butt off on a manuscript and then shop it to every major publisher and hope it eventually gets picked up when I can blog my ideas, build my own following, and self publish?

*Note to Publishers—If you’re reading this, I don’t mean it. Please publish me.

Part 3: Self Publishing

Put my writing where my mouth is? Ok.

I’ll keep you posted.

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