Dream Away

It is a new day

Yesterday at work, while doing research on cameras, I stumbled across the Slow Mo Guys on Youtube. These are a few guys who make slow motion videos of really cool things. That’s it.

I still have yet to be able to decide if I love or hate the fact that making stupid videos on Youtube is a viable career option now. But regardless of my opinion, people are doing it and some (like these guys) are doing it really well.

These are sophisticated cameras and (for the most part) pretty creative ideas. No matter your job title or career path, the value of a creative original idea is surely higher than it’s ever been. Our 3D printers can make anything we imagine, Youtube can make our home movies worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and ‘twenty somethings’ are selling their startups for billions of dollars.

We can either stand back in awe of this new world—be fearful of its power and magnitude or we can embrace it in our own unique way.

Not everyone is cut out to have a Youtube channel or design websites, but everyone can do something.


Dream Away Friends!