Are Millenials Expertise Averse?

As a millennial new to the workforce, I’m just realizing how the business world is trying to adapt and learn from my generation while still building on the strengths and experience of those who have come before us.

One thing I’ve noticed recently is that I don’t have many friends who I would consider to be experts at any one thing. This was a big problem for me in my post college job hunt. I knew I had the chops to become a great copywriter, nonprofit manager, outdoor educator, and lots of other things (admittedly, I’m too confident sometimes). The problem was and is that I’m not really an expert at any of those things.

In business, there’s very limited value for people who kind of know how to do a lot of things. That’s not to say there’s no value—because depending on the industry I’m sure there are some jobs where this is more important than others. But I’ve noticed a serious lack of experts in my generation.

Are we too concerned with “the top 10 things that Ricky Martin Hates” on Buzzfeed and our next hobby to spend a lifetime learning a skill?

I sometimes hear people say we are the participation trophy generation. Our parents assured us we're good at everything so we don’t know the value of dedicating ourselves to one thing to become great at it.

I’ve seen some of this in my life. What about you?