10 Reason Why I think Adulthood is Better Than College

My name is Jordan and I’m 25, married, and employed—by all accounts my life is way more boring now than it was when I was a rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, dirt bag college student. But that doesn’t mean that I’m done with my adventures or that I spend all my time missing college life.

Most of my friends are in the same boat and lately I’ve noticed an influx of nostalgic, “10 reasons college was #awesome!” type blog posts. So I decided to do us all a favor and revisit the reasons why adulthood ain’t so bad, because we all need a reminder every now and again.

  1. It’s nice not being as broke all the time

    • Trust me, I'm no shade of wealthy, but at least I can buy meals that don't have the words, "Cheesy, Crunchwrap, Double Stack, or value sized" if I so choose. And sometimes I even eat salads. Remember, I'm married. 

  2. Let’s be honest—I didn’t like most of the classes I took in college

    • I loved college, but I was a terrible student. And sorry college kids, but most of the classes I took in school pertain in absolutely zero ways to the job I do now. But, I also didn't think I'd end up where I am. So take the algebra classes, the poetry classes, and ESPECIALLY the finance classes (wish I would've taken any of those). For those of us on the outside of the college world, we'll keep gloating about not having any of them. 

  3. Remember test anxiety?

    • Once again, bad student means that I was a bad studier (or rather, I just didn't study very much). So test anxiety usually set in around 3 am when i was still awake cramming. I don't miss that at all.

  4. No more... well... less homework

    • The CEO of Bohan (it's an ad agency) once told me that the homework never ends. He runs a successful ad agency and is almost retired and said he still researches every night. The homework doesn't end when you graduate, but it becomes more interesting and--if you're lucky--relevant to your career. 

  5. We’re finally doing the thing we’ve always been working towards!

    • Speaking of your career, congratulations! Even if you're not in your dream job (and let's be honest--who is), you are now in the prime of your life for finding that dream career and making it happen! I went to school for 19 years (yeah college took a while) to be where I am now. It's not always fun, but you only get one shot at this--make it count. 

  6. Weekends are actually weekends (most of the time)

    • While I was in college, weekends often meant time to catch up on school or to work. My college job was amazing so I'm not complaining even a little bit, but it's nice that being an adult means you can choose your weekend activities. So when we don't have friends to see, there's no cleaning to be done, and my wife lets me--I do whatever I want!! 

  7. FREEDOM!! (to buy things, go places, drink wine)

    • Nowadays, if I'm walking down the grocery store aisle (and my wife's not looking), I grab that bag of name brand Doritos because I can! Also, me and Britt get to plan out things like vacations and summer trips--because we're adults. That's pretty cool. Also I love wine so there's that. 

  8. Pay day

    • Ok, I know there are paydays when you are in college, but the adult ones are just way better (this is a good list so I won't mention how the majority of that paycheck goes to bills). 

  9. Some grown up toys are fun 

    • Personally, I like my french press, my tv, my amazingly comfortable bed, and the time I steal with my sister in law's XBox when we're over at Brittany's parents' house doing laundry. Hey, you gotta stay young somehow. 

  10.  The adventures aren’t dead 

    • This one might be the most important. Just because I'm not the same crazy dirt bag rock climber as I was in college doesn't mean I'm boring. Life is an adventure and growing up is part of the process. College is just easier because it's a time of massive growth. When you finish, it's a little more on you to find your adventures. Consider it a challenge accepted. 

*Writer's Note: All that said, looking through college pictures for this post made me extremely nostalgic, so don't be surprised if next week I change my mind completely.* 

Alright Recent Grads, What did I miss?