6 Things I’d Tell High School Me (If Scientists Would Do Their Jobs and Build a Time Machine)

High school was an amazing time for me. I mostly chose to err on the side of adventure, I made lifelong friendships, and didn't die. All in all, I'd say I made it through ok. So I'm not sure that I would ever want to go back and change the events of my adolescence because, while a sloppy mess, they were my sloppy mess. 

That said, there were times I was lonely, insecure, and lost. If scientists would do their freaking jobs and give me a time machine, I'd like to go back and offer some advice to the old me. 


1. Stop chasing girls

First I'd like to tell myself that there's a difference between being a romantic and running after every girl you see. Insecurity fueled my need for constant affirmation. Given the chance, I'd like to tell my old self to chill out. Despite all my weirdness, I still ended up with the girl of my dreams so there was never a reason to be anxious or worrisome. 

High school Jordan, do you. The girl comes later. 


2. Keep with your hobbies, they’ll end up meaning more than some of your classes.

Sorry high school/college professors, but my first full time job out of college came because I was an avid blogger and had a fantastic interview. Now I know that I wouldn't have gotten the interview had it not been for my college degree, but those hobbies became important. 

I wish I would have stuck with blogging early on and kept with video editing. Those two skills keep popping up in my life and it would've been smart to stick with them. 


3. Stop being afraid of conflict and own up to your shortcomings

I once didn't turn in a final English paper because I had procrastinated to the point of waiting to start until the night before. Then my family decided to have a fun night out and I was too embarrassed to admit that I needed to stay in--so I didn't say anything. I still don't know how I passed that class. 

The sooner we learn to face conflict head on, the sooner we learn it won't kill us. And that makes way for us to do some really cool things. 


4. Enjoy your hair—it doesn’t last

Also you never grow a real beard. I know it sucks, but your wife’s a total babe.


5. You never grow up and it’s great

I've always made it a habit to surround myself with friends who think young. Our wives call it immature, but it's a priority to me to never lose the joy of whimsy. Becoming an adult is fun. You get to do what you want, buy candy when your wife's not looking, make big decisions, and sit in your kitchen in your underwear late at night writing blog posts. 

That doesn't mean I'll ever stop loudly singing Destiny's Child songs to my wife or give up climbing on random things. Adulthood is a phase of life, whimsy is a state of mind. 


6. GO BIG! 

By far the most important thing I would say to my younger self if I had 30 seconds with him would be this: GO BIG JORDAN!! At 25, there have been some struggles and some dark places, but somehow each time God finds a way to bring you out of it. Test the limits and don't allow fear to govern your life. 


So those are my 6, what are yours?