My Madmen Summer (not really)

I guess I should have started watching Madmen before I spent the summer interning at an ad agency. Not because the show is any shade of accurate, but rather because I could have been more prepared to communicate my position in terms of Madmen characters.  

As best I can tell (via Wikipedia) I was Michael Ginsberg--a copywriter. 

Prior to this summer, anyone close to me could have told you that my career options were--well, a little wide. I've considered everything from non-profit work to outdoor education to police work (the last one was short lived). The marketing field has always interested me, but I honestly never thought I could feel fulfilled working in an environment where, at the end of the day, my goal is to make you buy more stuff. 

But that was all before I realized how much fun it is to make cool stuff.

What I mean is that advertising has undergone a dramatic shift over the past few years and marketers are no longer just the megaphone for branded jingles. Now marketers must know how to make really cool stuff that will attract the public eye and become an internet sensation. Not to say all marketing happens this way, but it's definitely the most powerful. 

Too much jargon? Check out this video of a recent Coke ad and I think you'll understand better than I could ever explain.  


Yeah, that's the kind of stuff I want to make.  

I should also mention that the role of digital in this new world of advertising is pretty interesting. The digital world is full of creative potential primarily due to the clutter online. Anyone, literally anyone, can make a website. But that means that there are thousands of really bad websites to every decent one.  

In a cluttered world, advertisers must learn how to quickly tell great stories that cut through all the crap. And man do I love it! 

 What about you? Seen any ads you loved lately, or any you absolutely hated?