The Way You Make Me Feel

"There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.  It is God's finger on man's shoulder." ~Charles Morgan

The Way You Make Me Feel

Love is the sweetest, most unbareable, delightful, gut-wrenching emotion that human beings experience. It has more faces than Joan Rivers and reveals itself in ways that are both wonderfully exciting and terrifying. Love is the emotion that made you poop your pants while watching the Notebook and trying to get your first kiss. Love is the way your heart glows when your younger brother tries to imitate you. Love is that not-so-movie-like first kiss on a bright summer day (after which she proceeded to walk away). It's the way her head fits perfectly on your shoulder, the way he looks right into your eyes, and the way you keep pushing through all of the battles lovers face. I know what you're thinking and no, I'm not going to go through Corinthians.

In my Western Civilizations class today, my professor asked the class if anyone knew what it felt like to be in love. She started to describe the back and forth emotions of being blissfully happy one moment and utterly pathetic the next. To my surprise, no one raised their hand. Now I may be the only fool-hearted idealist in the bunch, but I know that feeling all too well.

The feelings that I'm referring to are the ones that take usually take place at the beginning of a relationship. These are the moments before security, the uncertainty before certainty. We tend to think of love as a graceful ballet in which there is a heroic pursuit. The movies have led us to believe that finding one's true love is as easy as crossing the street. Once found, that love will resist for about an hour and a half before both parties agree to live happily ever after. That is, unless the movie in question is The Notebook. In which case, the hearts of all those involved are systematically removed from the participants' chests only to be trampled upon by clydesdales. They are then put in a blender and set to liquify. After which, the hearts will be mended and returned in about 10 minutes.

The Initiation

This is the part of the story where both parties simultaneously, or independently realize that the set of eyes across from theirs are looking deeper than the surface. This is probably the slowest phase of the early relationship process because we have yet to lose our rationality. At first the person is a potentiality, nothing more. In a world of endless potentialities, we aren't usually too overwhelmed with the thought of a new relationship. But we are excited.

The Nervousness (up & down)

Up- This is the bliss that transcends every other reasonable worry or concern. When a person feels truly loved and appreciated, their soul seems to spring forth and push a smile to the surface so large it can hardly be contained. You know that look on your best friend's face when he/she returned from a first date (not to be confused with the look of dread on the face of the girl who kissed the boy with poopy pants)? That is love. I know this feeling because I know what it's like when your friends see you after that first date and you are completely unable to talk. Being a self proclaimed talkaholic, when all I can muster is the response "good" to the question, "how was the date?" that's a very good sign. I do believe that love takes our breath away, but sometimes not immediately.

Down- Love is not always easy and often times it is extremely painful. In fact, if love isn't painful then it isn't love. If you're not fighting for the strength and consistency of your relationship, then you're not being truly honest with one another. All that said, the down I'm referring to is that uneasy feeling when she hasn't texted you back in a couple days, or that nervous anticipation where all you do is sit at home all day wondering if and when he's going to call. What's so ironic is that the down is so necessary in the love process. It's absolutely necessary to experience the vulnerability of potential heartbreak in order to fully appreciate the joy of companionship. This process is a fight because love is worth fighting for.

The L word

Now, our culture takes issue with the word "love." My professor today examined the way that the word love has so many

different meanings, but we understand them all (for the most part). I personally find nothing wrong with the idea of people telling each other that they love one another because I would rather they exaggerate a good emotion then hide a great emotion. That said, just because a girl tells you that she loves you, don't go out and buy a ring. What's the difference between "I Love You," and "I'm in love with you?" ....I'm in. Think about it.

"Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly." ~Rose Franken

Do you have any good love stories you feel like sharing?


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