May I Mourn the Charleston Attack?

I, like you, stared into a computer screen yesterday in silent horror as I read the news of the Charleston shooting. Each detail seemed to drive the hurt deeper as the story came to light. 

This was a shooting at a church. 

This was a racist attack on a group of African Americans in a church.

This was a racist attack on a group of African Americans leading a bible study.

Why I Listen to Christmas Music in October

Christmas Season Mostly Happens in Fall (get over it)

One of my biggest problems with people hating on my early Christmas music is when they tell me that Christmas is a winter holiday. Sure, the actual day occurs in winter--but just barely. The season of winter doesn’t start until December 21st (which also happens to be my birthday). So I’m well aware of the fact that when we celebrate Christmas, we’ve only been in winter for four days. Most of the Christmas festivities occur in the season most known for changing leaves and leggings as pants.

How to Find Adventure in the Post College Life

College is over. Gone are the days of staying up until 3 am on a week night just because I felt like it. Staying out all night and then working the next day is not something my body could even remotely handle. Heck, It’s taken me two days to recover from a theme park. As a result, it sometimes feels like the adventurous days are gone. Even at 25, still a young adult by many people’s standards, I’ve started to feel fat and tame in my new life. 

So today I’m sharing a couple of my adventure go-to’s because I’m one of those people who believes that adventures are more than the things we watch Indiana Jones do. Just because I’m out of college doesn’t mean I have to accept myself as boring and I don’t think you should either. Having adventure in your life is just as necessary as coffee (wait, you do drink coffee right?!). 

3 Dangerous Lies Bad Bosses Told Me

I started working at 14 years old and never looked back. Despite my Dad’s best efforts, I was eager to join the workforce and wasn’t going to be denied for anything. I’ve worked at baseball concession stands, chain restaurants, gourmet chocolate shops, other chain restaurants, national retailers, a high end grocery store, and several other places I barely remember. As a result, I’ve seen a lot of good bosses in my 25 years.

Unfortunately, I have also been the victim of some terrible management. I wrote this post to help share some of the lessons I learned the hard way while working for bosses who lied to me. 


“You are Stuck” 

How I Quit Smoking in 5 Minutes

A Young Vigilante

When I was growing up, I didn’t get into trouble very often. For the most part, I was a good kid who got really nervous when my friends wanted to leave the neighborhood (or do anything else I wasn’t allowed to do). 

In the third grade some of the other boys thought it was cool to roll up wet paper towels and pretend they were cigarettes. I was morally opposed to the idea even though almost all the boys in the class were doing it. I was so opposed (and vigilante like) that I once accepted a brown wet third grade paper towel cigarette only to turn around and immediately tell the teacher what I’d just been given and what the other boys were up to. The boy who had offered it to me was graveling at the teacher’s feet before she could even formulate a response: 

My Secret to Becoming a Morning Person and Why You Should Try It

Prior to becoming a real adult with a real job, I was never a morning person. In college I struggled to even make it to my 10 am job on time. But once I graduated and started working regular 40 hour weeks I realized pretty quickly that I was never going to reach my personal goals by only having time for myself after work.

Early in my time out of school I learned the most successful people were ones who did more than just clock in and clock out of their jobs. In fact, I’m not sure that clocking in and out is even enough to perpetuate a successful career now but that’s a a whole different post. 

The 4 Worst Things About Nashville (an Ego check)


The funny thing about Broadway is that most visitors see the strip and immediately feel like they’ve experienced some good ole fashioned Nashville fun, but the truth is it was made for tourists. It’s a loud (LOOUUUDDDD!!!!!!), excessive (SHOTS! COUNTRY MUSIC! SHOTS!), drink till you can’t stand kind of scene that most Nashvillians avoid like the plague (except for that one day a year when we forget our inhibitions). 


The “Country Music” Misconception 

Yes, Nashville is famous for country music. Yes, there is some really great country music here. NO, we don’t wear cowboy boots or studded suede cowboy hats on the regular. If you want to know what it’s like to be collectively spurned by a city, buy yourself one of those pink cowboy hats and some snakeskin boots and talk in your best Johnny Cash impression while square dancing through the city. Good luck. 

The Terrible, Awful Phone Habit I'm Determined to Quit

The first thing I need to say is that I am not, nor have I ever been, a technology hater. I’m just as fascinated with the beauty of iPhones, iPads, and all other cool computer things as the next white male in Nashville. Who am I kidding—I love apple products. But I’ve realized that there’s one specific very unhealthy phone habit that I participate in on a daily basis. 

The Look Down 

Tired of the suspense? Me too. The really terrible thing that I do with my iPhone is use it as a crutch in awkward situations or a distraction when nothing super exciting is going on around me. I call it “The Look Down” which I don’t think needs much, if any, explanation. 

The Look Down happens when I remember that I haven’t checked Twitter in six minutes and nothing that’s going on around me is incredibly fascinating. 

My 7 Weirdly Favorite Newlywed Things

There are plenty of blog posts out there about why marriage is awesome. That said, I haven't seen any of those posts talk about some of the unique stuff that I love like shaving cream fights and Taco Bell. So here are my weirdly favorite marriage things:  

1. Every night is a sleepover

When I was growing up, my guy friends and I had sleepovers all the time--except we didn't call them "sleepovers" we just called it, "spending the night." Some of my favorite childhood memories like talking about girls, playing James Bond on Nintendo 64, listening to Radiohead on repeat, sneaking out to take walks around the neighborhood, convincing our friend Christian to do stupid stuff, etc. all happened at "spend the nights." Granted, none of those things have happened yet in marriage, but it's still pretty cool to have my best friend over every night. 

Real Talk, Sometimes Christians Embarrass Me

I made the mistake a couple weeks ago of venturing into the reddit forums on religion. For those of you who haven't--or would rather not dive into what is a fierce, but surprisingly respectful, debate forum, I can tell you it's a challenging thing to see. The arguments were mostly old--ones we've heard all our lives. But, the one thing I read that was particularly challenging to me was this claim from a nonbeliever: 

"if God is real, then why are the believers of the world not united?" (I'm paraphrasing a longer sentiment). 

At the time of my reading this, it was just on the heels of the World Vision homosexuality controversy.